Your No. 1 place online to find the perfect leggings - FREE Delivery
Your No. 1 place online to find the perfect leggings - FREE Delivery
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About LeggyLeggy

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LeggyLeggy is the best online shop for affordable women's leggings in the UK - if we have to say so ourselves! 

LeggyLeggy was founded in the Summer of 2017 in order to offer customers affordable quality leggings online. The leggings you find in the physical stores are often expensive and more often than not, they don't have a large collection. 

LeggyLeggy wants to change that. Our collections are always growing and we're adding new styles every week - if you can't find a pair you want right now, then we might have something for you later. So be sure to check LeggyLeggy every week. And let us know if there's a certain type of leggings you'd like to see in our shop. 
Our leggings are affordable without compromising when it comes to the quality. 

We offer free delivery to the UK and the rest of Europe, but we're also happy to ship to other countries. Please contact us for more information. 

Why you should choose LeggyLeggy

Because we don't just offer a few benefits from shopping with us. We offer you the whole package:

  • Affordable quality leggings online
  • FREE Delivery to all of the UK and the rest of Europe
  • Excellent customer service - we will always put you first
  • A super friendly and approachable atmosphere on social media
  • Exclusive deals when you subscribe to our newsletter
  • Competitions where you can win amazing leggings
  • Great return policies 

We are dedicated to offer our customers a good experience and great customer service, so rest assured that you can always contact us if you need help or if you have a question. Our team is ready to answer your questions.
You can always check our FAQ as well, to see if your question has already been answered. 

If you have any questions please email us at 

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